Lazaro Property Maintenance Services understands that long term success rests on ensuring the company’s sustainability across all facets of the business.

We have implemented environmental initiatives for ourselves and our clients in keeping with the three pillars of sustainability “People-Planet-Profit”:

  • Green cleaning practices and products
  • Biodegradable, CITRUS, environmentally friendly chemical products for toilets and other areas on site that are low in harmful effects and hygienically clean
  • Use of professional quality microfiber cloths
  • Energy efficient plant and equipment with reduced noise emissions
  • Reduction of emissions and odours through the use of high efficiency 4 stage HEPA filters in all vacuums
  • Commitment to “Earth Hour” principles and awareness programs.
  • Wherever possible, we purchase products that are recyclable and use minimal packaging.
  • We use local providers with strong community presence to minimize our carbon footprint which benefits our customers and provides support to the community
  • Recycling and awareness programs
  • Office efficiency, audit and reporting